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School Certifying Officials (SCO’s)

Welcome!  GI Bill Magazine has created this page as a one-stop resource for School Certifying Officials.  Here you will find information and documents you may find useful as an SCO at your school.

School Certifying Official Handbook

The Department of Veterans Affairs has written and published a School Certifying Official (SCO) Handbook for VA Certifying Officials and anyone at a school involved with certification of beneficiaries of VA education benefits.  This SCO Handbook is a collaboration of the four Regional Processing Offices and Education Service and is intended to be the official source of information for VA Certifying Officials.

Certification instructions in this handbook are based on the use of VA-ONCE and include general information about the program.  The SCO Handbook can be viewed and downloaded via the following link as a PDF file: School Certifying Official Handbook


VA-ONCE is a VA Internet based application for certifying students.  Detailed information about VA-ONCE and about accessing VA-ONCE is available at https://vaonce.vba.va.gov/vaonce_student/default.asp.  We strongly encourage all schools to utilize the VA-ONCE program for electronic certification.

For VA-ONCE guidance and frequently asked questions click here.

Education Liaison Representatives

Education Liaison Representatives work with schools and State Approving Agencies. They cannot answer direct inquiries from veterans or their dependents, any such inquiries that they receive will be deleted without reply. For a list of Education Liaison Representatives in your area click here.

Post-9/11 GI Bill: School Responsibilities

The following information provides the basic responsibilities of an educational institution (school) that accepts students whose tuition and fees are paid by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. There are additional responsibilities for those schools that participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Click here to view and download the School Responsibility Fact Sheet.

Online School Official Training

Online Training For New School Officials – This training is designed for school officials and those not familiar with the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The content may also be used as refresher training. Viewing the courseware requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

•You must complete the tutorial portion of the course to advance in the training module.
•New material has been added on the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
•Module 2 now has one test at the end of the module, instead of a test at the end of each lesson. Anyone whose access was locked due to failure of the test for Lesson 1 will have access restored. With the addition of the Post-9/11 GI Bill topic, any individual who previously completed the entire course should retake the course as it will no longer be marked as finished until the Post-9/11 GI Bill topic has been completed.

VA Education Pamphlets and Fact Sheets

Find VA education pamphlets and factsheets by clicking here.

Training Presentations

Coming soon! These training presentations will provide information on the GI Bill, related legislation, and processes. Please note: the online PowerPoint presentations are only viewable in Internet Explorer; you will need the free Adobe viewer to view the Adobe PDF presentations.

The information in these presentations is presented as talking points for discussion. This information is not comprehensive and should not be used as a definitive source of information. Information on these presentations was current & correct on the date given.